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Faith, Family and Guns
​(plus coffee and music)
Parker Firearms is located in Burnsville, NC.  We consider being able to set together on our porch, drink a cup of coffee and look up at the beautiful mountains a true blessing.  This adventure started around 2012, with a small amount of firearms and a hope that we could travel, meet some great people and spend more time with our family.  There have been some very hard years, but with a lot of hard work and determination we are happy that this will be our biggest year yet.
With your purchase from us, you are not only supporting a small business, you are helping us provide for our family.  
Wheather we are greating you from across our gun show tables or its a regular visit at the store,
we hope you know we truely appreciate your business. 
Our Father, 
 We give you praise and thank you Lord that regardless of our circumstances, You are still King. 

In these uncertain time, we rejoice that You are our rock and our salvation, our provider and our protector, an ever present help in our time of trouble.  I pray Lord that the souls You lead across our path will be uplifted.   May those who are seeking Truth receive Your gift of eternal life and the promise of your presence in their lives.  May you heal their hearts, their minds and their bodies to Your Glory and according to Your will and grace. 

Father there are so many needs among us.  We lift up our nation to You, its leaders, and our military men and women who are defending truth and freedom around the world.  We rejoice in knowing that You are aware of every need, and that Your strength is with us in our weakness.  
Give us boldness to share our faith, and stregthen our character so we do not compromise our beliefs.  Prepare our hearts and minds to serve You.  

We love you Father and lift up these prayers in Jesus Christ, 


The love of shooting and firearms would be what brought us to this point.  We pride ourselves in being able to help you make the right choice in your firearm, by being informed.  We are happy to help in any way we can to make sure you are comfortable with your purchase.  
We would like to be able to hunt and target shoot more than we are able to, but really how much is too much?  
We are a small family of three, yet our extended family is large.  There is nothing better than family cook outs, holidays and setting together talking.  You can learn more about our family and friends in our blog section.  Everyone we know is a story teller, so be prepared for anything.  
Seriously when do you not see one of us with coffee in our hand.  This had to be added.  
IIt is extremely sad that everyone is not able to witness the car concerts happening on our trips to the gun shows.   
​XM radio is amazing!